Metaps Entertainment Limited has changed its corporate name to DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Marketing and Solutions Limited:

Into the “DIGITAL HEARTS” brand as one group

In March 2021, Metaps Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as "ME Group") joined the DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Group (hereinafter referred to as "DHH Group"), which provides game debugging and translation services, with the aim of further expanding its business from ME Groups’ mainstay marketing support. The collaboration between ME Group and DHH Group has already started and Metaps Entertainment Limited (“ME”) has decided to change its corporate name to “DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Marketing and Solutions Limited” in order to promote the business as one group of DHH. ME’s five subsidiary companies also will change each corporate name as below.

■New corporate logo

■New corporate names

New corporate namesPrevious corporate names
DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Marketing and Solutions LimitedMetaps Entertainment Limited
DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Hong Kong LimitedMetaps Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Shanghai Co., Ltd.Metaps Shanghai Co., Ltd.
DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Singapore Pte. Ltd.Metaps Pte. Ltd.
DIGITAL HEARTS CROSS Tokyo Co., Ltd.Metaps Entertainment Inc.
DH & Luminous Media International CorporationMetaps & Luminous Media International Corporation

Note: The corporate names mentioned above includes those that are currently still being processed.

■Reason for change of corporate name

The ME Group developed its business with a focus on marketing support for Chinese game manufacturers and other clients looking to expand overseas. They have built a solid track record by providing marketing support for numerous top Chinese content. In March 2021, the ME Group joined DHH Group, a provider of game debugging and other services. By strengthening group collaboration, they have worked to build a system that provides one-stop services, including translation and LQA(*), localization and marketing support.

DHH decided to change the corporate names of ME and its subsidiaries with the aim of unifying the group brands and improving its global presence. Under the “DIGITAL HEARTS” brand, the ME Group and DHH will strive for further growth, combining the know-how and customer bases which each group has accumulated to date.

*An abbreviation for LQA…Linguistic Quality Assurance that identifies the quality of the translated text or composition.

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